It is our goal to provide a variety of groups. They may change, based on the needs of the community. Currently we are only providing 1 group. Please check back, as we are expecting to have more group by summer.

Professionals In Recovery (a private 12 step meeting)

Parish Health and Wellness, Inc. is pleased to host a local private professional 12 step meeting. Recovery from alcoholism/addiction/dependence is their primarily focus. They are a private support group using a 12 step format. This is a closed group and members are through invitation only. There is no charge for this group.

Your Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to this group!! Often people are afraid to ask for help. This group does not list with any 12 step organization, or publish the dates and times of the meetings in an effort to protect your anonymity.

Main qualifications for participating in these meeting are 1) holding a professional position in the community, 2) struggling with a mind-altering substance (abuse or addiction), and 3) a desire to make positive changes with this issue. If you feel you might fit in this group, please call or email the main office for more information.

(530) 528-2342

**Professionals are defined as doctors, lawyers, health care workers, members of the clergy, business owners, law enforcement or court officials, social workers, educators, substance abuse counselors, therapist, or others who deal with problem drinkers in the course of their work.